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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Comparing 'Sith' to politics; can the temptation be resisted?

So, after declining my invitation to the 3 a.m. showing (I came home after the midnight one instead), I couldn't help but click on the link to a review. What I found was a shame. A "review" of the movie that basically just said it was not a great movie and was all a political analogy and since you've all seen A New Hope you know the rest.

I'm not saying that comparing star wars to contemporary politics is a bad thing, or that it shouldn't be done (it most obviously will). Just that doing it in the form of a "review" of a new film is really biased and out of place no matter how you interpret it. Lucas didn't just write the film and decide to make it about today's politics, it's pre-scripted sci-fi.

Shame on writers and news sources who feel that review readers would much rather hear half of the review as a critique of modern politics as opposed to some kind of discussion of the merits of the film itself.

Maybe I'm a little harsh on the guy, but half of the review is definately too long to dwell on the subject. And it was positioned in such a way as to appear to be the main review for MSN.

Could we please just let Star Wars be Star Wars for at least a few days or weeks before tainting it with politics? After that we can let the outrageous comparisons fly. Besides, if Republicans are the dark side and democrats are the Jedi and Anakin is the american public being duped into supporting the wrong side. Then we know what the democrats might have in store for us. Sorry, I just had to.

oh, here's the link