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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

World's biggest spamfest?

Earlier today I paid a visit to the AS Review and was just in time to be interviewed for an article Landis is working on. It was about a big protest that is planned for June 1. In fact it was titled "World's biggest protest." The focus is on Bush, calling for his removal from office, and reiterating all of the same ultra-liberal lines about war for oil, war crimes, etc.

I gave her a few lines about how they aren't saying anything new and they just like to protest and it's not going to accomplish anything.

It wasn't until later that I realized what the event actually consists of. The event is a completely online protest, by email. The goal is to encourage people to email hundreds of media news desks and politicians requesting Bush's removal and investigation.

It seems almost laughable to me. I hate to break it to you, but swamping the media with email is probably not the protest wave of the future. In fact, I would venture the guess that thousands of emails in one day about removing Bush from office will probably not help the cause even with those who oppose Bush. Rather, it will make the recipients mad. I know at least for myself, getting hundreds of emails in one day with the same old info I've heard hundreds of times could get really frustrating.

The other part I find humorous is the fact that there is almost no advertising for this event. I'll be interested to see if they really get the huge response they expect. Even if they do, how will people know all of the emails aren't from one person with 20,000 email addresses?

I guess I think the event is silly. But I'm interested to see if and how the media responds to the massive influx of spam. I'm also interested to see how Landis frames her article. She seemed to think the idea was somewhat crazy too.

By the way, the event seems to be run by the "Independent Media Center" who apparently just opened a branch here in Bellingham. After searching online I found a copy of the flier Landis showed me but with a different title here.

Oh, and I just found the one for Bellingham here.