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Monday, November 28, 2005

Reply to comment

NOTE: Since it was several posts back, I hope Mr. Henderson will not take this as grandstanding when I post my reply here instead of on the comment string. Here's the link to his comment...continue the discussion here if you like.

Hey Lance, good to hear from you. That's funny there are so many former Horizon writers floating around this year. Just a few thoughts...

I hope you don't really think this is a byproduct of closed minds and spoon-fed isolationism. To think that would be rather blind indeed. I'm glad you are so willing to refuse documentation for your own assertions while berating fellow students for the same error. You'd better come up with something other than your own and moveon.org's say-so on that Bush AWOL tripe.

It's funny how this tends to go... I guess the only qualification for serving as president is to have been on a boat in the south pacific. Crying "chickenhawk" is a Straw Man that avoids the real issues: we are at war and our leaders have a job to do. If you don't like the decisions being made, say so and vote him out. That's political debate--not character assassination.
Your words:
I bet if you all of a sudden you had to go to Iraq, you might be singing a different tune.
An accusation of cowardice? In another time or place that would be a rather serious challenge. It's not your place to say suggest such a thing--this is one student who has family there right this minute.

One Marine cousin in Iraq, one brother in Germany, one friend who will soon complete marine officer training, two local friends who just came back from Iraq, one after being wounded, one friend of the family who lost a son in Iraq, half a dozen other friends at either West Point, or the AF/Naval Academy.

Yes, that's just me. Are any of those people I mentioned voting against those evil chickenhawks in the White House? Not that I've heard--and I would know. It is extremely presumptive and dangerous to accuse a fellow student of cowardice. That is a personal (and pointless) insult and ought to be retracted.

Remember, the real world lies beyond the university campus. You'd better brace yourself.