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Friday, May 20, 2005

Front opinion: McConnell v. Le Moyne college

Today's issue of The Western Front has my latest commentary on Scott McConnell, his expulsion from Le Moyne and his subsequent $20 million lawsuit against the college.

The article titled "College should allow all viewpoints" is not intended to justify McConnell's lawsuit--indeed, I think it is excessive. True, I think he probably didn't deserve to be expelled, but I fail to see where $20 million should play a role in rectifying the problem. While Le Moyne is a private, Jesuit college with the right to dismiss whoever they want, they are looking ever so hypocritical by pretending to be inclusive and then kicking someone out at the first sign of anti-PC. If they are discriminatory about what they allow students to believe on something as simple as classroom discipline, they should just say that and be done with it.

Anyway...here I go, saying what I could have said in the article.